My 13 year old son repairing/restoring a retro 1984 Suzuki Katana 750.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


This is for my biker friends and for all dads who like spending time with their kids. This is also for kids who likes fixing stuffs and riding motorcycles.


The bike looks a bit complete but we still need to fire up the engine, put the brakes, electronics, windshield, etc... No hurry finishing our little project because my son can only do repairs during Sundays or holidays and that is when he is free from school and his other activities. Probably it will take him another year to finish this but since he is only 13 years old, no real rush. I still need to find missing parts like winker lamps, front upper brake hose, handle lock key cylinder, left side cover, carburetor overhaul, etc. I'll upload more photos when we find time to do some repairs.


Before installing the air filter box and electronics.


Checking the seat after installing the seat's locking unit.


Mounting fuel tank.


Installing air filter box and wiring harness.


Installing front cowl/fairing.
Notice the big projector lens at the back. My son is planning to use it to use the lens (fresnel lens) for his next project. He said that he will build a frame for the lens and use it as a solar cooker for their next bbq.